Gwen     Herod

Thomas "would bring to the state house his passion about making the community a better place to live in."

Chris     Caison

Thomas "has the right stuff... I think he has a moral compass that will lead him to vote and to support things that are best for this community and best for the state."

Sheriffs   Dennis,   Lott,   &   Simon

"We need a senator that's got integrity and character... someone you can trust. Thomas McElveen is the man that we need in Senate District 35."
      - Sheriff Leon Lott, Richland County

Economic     Development

"Our state leaders should be focused on ways to promote entrepreneurship and start putting people back to work."


"Our leaders should do everything possible to ensure that students and teachers have the resources that they need to ensure success."


"Our elected officials in Columbia need to remember, their seats don't belong to them, they belong to the people they represent."